Did you know? Teachers are required to capture one observation of a pupil each week.

With growing class sizes and increasing workload capturing observations on pupils is becoming more challenging than ever.

However here at Webanywhere we have been focusing on new technology advancements such as live transcription ie a speech to text function which can massively reduce schools administrative burden. Instead of teachers using pens and paper our new technology can save your school time. We are estimating that our new Learner Journey App will save the average teacher 2 hours a week. Imagine that?

Learner Journey will allow a teacher/ teaching assistant to record a video or take a picture of a pupil alongside recording their voice stating what the child is doing. The system will then real time transcribe the text. Once happy with the text (99% accuracy rating) they can then choose a drop down box and submit the observation. This will then notify the parents that their child has a new observation and the parent can go on to look at it.

A task that could take a teacher 15 minutes to do has now taken around 2 minutes. Why not give it a try?

Learner Journey the early years online learning journal
parental engagement
parental engagement
learner journey
learner journey slide
learner journey

01 Record a video of your pupil

02 The system transcribes what the pupil says automatically

03 Choose a drop down box and submit the observation

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