Teachers can record pupils using a tablet device then use the speech to text instant function to describe the observation. Once checked this can then be uploaded to the pupils’ learner journey and will instantly notify the parent.


Learner Journey enables teachers to easily assess the child’s progress with drop down boxes. This can be used through the school and we can work with you in customising these options. At the end of the year each child will get a report of progress alongside a video yearbook montage.


Teachers can give feedback and support to students and parents. The parent has full line of sight of their child’s progress.

Learner Journeys with video made easy

Instantly share pupils’ videos on Learner Journey, or privately message your videos to parents
Learner Journey

Capture learning as it happens


Bridge to home-school divide and improve communication


Enable teachers and subject matter experts to assess pupils' learning.


Real time reporting keeps Headteachers up to date with pupils' progress.


Reduce your administration overhead with speech to text transcription


Users get notifications from the mobile app and website to alert them of useful content.

Integrate with services you already use…

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Knowledge Sharing

Go mobile…

Learner Journey makes it easy for teachers to create bitesized videos on the go with the mobile app.

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